7 Dropshipping roadblocks most dropshippers will face

7 Dropshipping roadblocks most dropshippers will face

7 Dropshipping roadblocks most dropshippers will face.

Lessons learned as a new dropshipper. What could possibly go wrong probably will.

1. Credit card problems – once we got to 20 or more orders a day, buying the items one at a time from aliexpress would flag my credit card and payments would get blocked. Since I used the same card for Facebook ads my ads would stop running. This happened multiple times. Use different credit card just for Facebook ads.

2. Shipping times – I contacted my supplier before even selling the product and was informed shipping times would be 7 to 15 days even though my supplier processed the orders next day this was not the case some orders took a month which resulted in charge backs even though I emailed customers with tracking numbers and provided information that it might take 7 to 20 business days.

3. Product Sizing – Messed up on my sizing chart and had to resize products over $600 usd. ( there goes the profit ). Even with the right sizing chart if you do not have a solid return policy in place which I didnt will cost you money and peace of mind. Customers ordered the wrong size even though it’s not our fault they still made a charge back because our return policy would not accept sizing due to customers mistake.

4. Product sourcing – I built my logo / store centered around a certain colour and by default it was our best seller problem was our supplier was ordering that colour from a different factory and there would be long delays and eventually went out of stock. The lesson here was I should of made sure of the supply of that variant before I pulled the trigger.

5. Facebook Account – We all heard horror storys of Facebook ad account, business managers even personal accounts being disabled. Make sure to add a family member or a friend as a admins to your business manager just in case. Imagine losing all your pixel data and personal Facebook, boom over night your business is gone. Do not have out standing balance on your ad accounts and use a designated visa card for Facebook alone. Good luck getting in contact with Facebook If something goes wrong.

6. Profit Margin – As a new dropshipper we just want to sell sell sell and not focus on the details. We took a store from 0 to 20k in December but our profit margins were low, due to sizing problem most of our profits went to resizing the product, due to shipping times charge backs put us in the minus. 20$ profit on a 50$ product does not work. Make sure your product cost and profits make sense. Thankfully we sold the business for a decent price

7. We failed forward. 4 failed stores but got better each time. Customer comes first. We will not make the same mistakes twice and nothing happens over night. After our last store s success and it being taking away from us overnight was tragic but giving up is not a option.