Complete Facebook Ads Strategy for $3000/month

Complete Facebook Ads Strategy for $3000/month

Complete Facebook Ads Strategy for $3000/month.

I will tell you step-by-step my complete setup I use when launching new brands on Facebook Ads, including the budget, period of time and explanation.


Create a Conversion campaign where you simply create a whole bunch of ads with 100% different angles and variations. Different thumbnails, headlines, copy, bla bla, you know the story. 🙂

2. Testing Creatives

Create a conversion Campaign with Purchase objective (if you’re targeting high tier countries you might wanna go with Add to Cart objective because is a little bit cheaper) and simply create a $10 BROAD adset where you insert your first 4 ads variations.

Duplicate the BROAD campaign 9 times and now you’ll have 10 adsets in total.

Insert different targetings for every adset, we usually choose 3 broad or algorithm interests, 3 magazines, 3 competitors / influencers.

Create a rule to stop every ad at 2000 impressions and after that you can compare which one is performing better, you should take a look at unique cost for add to cart or even purchases.

If the CPM is $20, 1000 impressions will cost you… lol.. $20 :))

Basically 4 ads duplicated x 10 times = 40 ads x 2000 impressions each, 80.000 impressions

If we pay $20 for 1000 impressions, for 80.000 impressions we theoretically pay $1600

If your budget is smaller try to test only 2 ads or less adsets

The reason why we test creatives on 10 different targetings is because people are NOT engaging the same way for every targeting.

Imagine that we sell products for dogs and we create 2 different adsets for the same product, one with Cats interests and one with Dog interests, are they going to engage the same? Nope..

Basically, you need to find the best combination of targetings and ads before moving to the next steps.

3. PPE

Create a PPE campaign for your winner ads with $5/day = $150/month for social proof

4. VideoViews

Create a VideoViews campaign for your winner ads campaign with $5/day = $150/month for social proof


Insert in this campaign ONLY the adsets and ads that had results, sales, add to carts.

From my experience, there might be only 3-5 adsets and 1-2 ads

$30 / day = $900 / month


Create a campaign targeting those who interacted with your Facebook Page and Instagram Page for the last 30 days (because it’s a new store, we have to a wait a little bit until the campaign is going to spend some money)

$10 / day = $300 / month

7. HOT

Retarget those who viewed the product page and added to cart but didn’t purchase with different information about your products, reviews, try to increase the trust in your store and why your product is so valuable.

Might be demo’s, unboxing, Influencer’s talking about your product and the list goes on.

$10/day = $300/month

8. Dynamic ads (catalog sales)

Retarget those who viewed your product and added to cart in the last 7 days and remind them that they forgot to buy. Try to be gentle in the first 7 days.

Retarget those who viewed your product and added to cart in the last 28 days (exclude the 7 days audience) and give them a discount code so you can make sure that the price is not the problem, also remind them that your stock is limited and they should buy your product before it’s gone. (be a little bit aggressive here)

$10/day = $300/month

9. Purchasers

If the shipping time is 3-5 days, create an ad where you engage with the purchasers, you thank them for the purchase and maybe ask for a review or feedback for your product.

$5/day = $150/month

10. Retention – buy again

If the shipping time is 3-5 days, firstly you should purely engage with them and do not ask them instantly to buy again from you.

After 10-15 days, create a carousel or collection ads for purchasers and show them other categories or products you have on your store and kindly ask them to buy again.

Maybe you can even offer them a discount coupon to buy again.

$5/day = $150/month

Total = $4000 for the first month (haha, lol, $1k more than you thought, but you need to consider that the remarketing cam