Dropshipping after Covid19

Dropshipping after Covid19

Dropshipping after Covid19.

My first 1000$ day. Just a few months ago, I was telling my girlfriend how would it feel like to make the first sale? Seriously that was the hardest part.

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I started at 50$ a day(10 ad sets) and I was slightly profitable after 2 days and created new interests and gathered more data for 2 more days. Once I knew the product sells and I hit 1000 views, I created View content LLA for 100$ and ran it for 4-5 more days. Then once I had enough ATC and IC I created look alike and created a separate campaign for 50$ and 100$ respectively. In short, I am running ads at 350$ per day and revenue is around 750-1000$ per day at around 300-400 USD in profit/day.

Today I will have close to 500 purchases, I am gonna create a Purchase LLA for 100$.

Ps: I don’t do CBO campaigns.

One thing I learned from my 9 months of dropshipping journey, if you think this is get rich quick scheme, you will fail miserably. Offering a great value product with exceptional customer service with a focus on building a brand is where the key to success is. If you see my previous posts, I am having a print on demand store and I do custom designs to people. I said to myself no more shitty products from China and insane shipping times. I am pretty sure there are high quality products in Aliexpress, my advice would be to buy it and test it for yourself. Do not see which Facebook ad has many likes and randomly drop shipping the product that even you would never buy.

Also from what I see, 90 % of people do not know what they are talking about. If someone asks you to DM them, it is a scam. From my experience, you do not need to buy any course. All you need to know is on YouTube. If YouTube videos can’t help, nothing will help you.

I have seen some posts where people asks is 100-200$ is enough to start e-commerce store and some idiots encourage them. I am sorry if you are asking that question you are definitely new to dropshipping and 100-200$ will be gone before you know it. I would suggest a minimum of 1000$ but 2000-3000$ is ideal.

PS: Don’t watch YouTube videos and think that making half a million in 2 months is easy if you notice their videos they make a profit of around 70000 per 500,000 revenue and they shut down the stores because Facebook “disabled” their accounts. So, they were making on an average of 1000$ profit a day and they were spending 10,000$ a day at some point. If you think about it, it is not very impressive. So Do not let people sell dreams, if you are serious about building a brand and selling quality items to customers and making customers happy, believe me that’s the best feeling and money will keep flowing and you will not feel guilty about it.