Dropshipping is emotion business

Dropshipping is emotion business

Dropshipping is emotion business.

I made 400k with very poor marketing and I perished..


eCom. SMMA. Affiliate. Freelance. You name it.

You are never in the physical product business.
Or the agency business. Or the pet business. Or the beauty business.

You are in the emotion business. You are in the “blow the mind of your customers with value” business.

No matter what you are trying to sell, you are trying to sell.

Selling is the common denominator.

Psychology is the common foundation.

Everyday you wake up, ask yourself: “Why should people care?”

Think about how you can serve them best.

Everything else is derived from that.

Stop chasing flashy business models and commit to ONE thing. Commit to one strategy. Study it deep down and stick to your lane.

Ask yourself the right questions.

Break down the beast.

Figure out what makes a strong business.

Work on every part.

If you are doing something and it’s not working. STOP. Do something else. Keep track of your progression.

Stop trying to make a quick buck and start thinking about how to build a long-term business.

And you know what the best part about this?

You can start today with $0.

I promise you.

I have done it. My 19 years old sister did it. My best-friend did it.

It’s all about commitment.

Are you committed?