Dropshipping works on 2020

Dropshipping works on 2020

Dropshipping works on 2020.

It took me around 6 months of dropshipping until I made my first profitable store. Now it’s been 1 year and 1 month. Don’t quit! I see a lot of posts with ppl asking same questions over and over. Is this a winning product? What niche? Etc etc. All those are the wrong questions.

Here are some tips.
1) Customer Service is king. Be polite, be professional. Do not ignore any customer, any comment, even if its a negative comment. They are all potential customers.

2) Be super transparent. Don’t say your shipping from US when you are not or say 5 day delivery when it is not. Neither lie abour your product features.

3) Every product is a winner when you can market it right. Its all about the angle

4) Winning ad is all it takes, even if your page is average you will still sell. So spend the most money, time, energy on this.

5) Benefits convert, I see a lot of landing pages with 1,000 features but they make little effort on describing the product benefit.

6) Make profit first, then invest. Don’t spend $1,000 on a video without testing first, know what works, what people talk and ask about, then invest in a video touching every concern or question everyone is asking. Give them what they want! Also, using credit cards to test is probably the worst move you can do. Use the cash you have for testing. Going into debt before making profit is no fun.

7) be Original, write your own as copy, product description, etc. I see a lot of people just copy pasting others and then wonder why it doesnt work. Go to pages of big brands and see how they do it and learn from them.

8- be responsable with your orders. Don’t use the money to scale, if thing goes south, you will owe people a lot of products and you womt have the money to fulfill.

9) Take every failure as a lesson. If you arent learning from your mistakes then you are doing it wrong. Failure leads to success, always remember that.

10) your not loosing money on ads, you are buying data. Learn from it.

11) If you think making a profitable store is the hard part think again. Dealing with customers, agents, factories running out of stock, prices going up. People copying you left to right, bots spaming your ads. Coming up with new creatives, dealing with frozen accounts, disabled BM, Money being held up. That is the real work, selling is the easy part.

I see it as a problem solving job, if you are good at solving problems, you will be fine. If you are the ones that like to sit back and do nothing, then I feel sorry for you.

Do not fall in love with a product, if you did your best and you didnt make profit, move on. Its always possible to make a product profitable if you keep on testing and testing but if you dont have the cash to do so, it is better to move on.