Amazon Sellers: My Lessons learned from last month

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My Lessons learned from last month:

1. Your biggest risk as a seller is Amazon itself.

If they take over your listing (and choose not to share it) you will take a loss if the item is not great for multi-channel fulfillment.

Answer: Avoid them completely unless your item is easily unloadable through other channels. Read Keepa charts carefully to gauge how long Amazon has been out of stock and the likelihood of them picking up your listing. Read Keepa charts to determine if Amazon has ever been on your listing at all. The ‘data’ tab on the Keepa extension is invaluable.

2. Your second biggest risk is price volatility.

Answer: Take most popular product research suggestion and deliberately make product selections with high sales velocity and low price volatility. (The Camel, camel camel chart should get smoother from left to right) Avoid listing under duplicate listings with lower visibility. The ROI’s always seem good at first but, they seem to always tank. Filling the total demand for 30 days worth of inventory, based on the sales rank, should be difficult or costly. This seems to be the safest route to avoid trouble.

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