Average margin in Amazon FBA business

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What net margin does everyone like to stay around?

  • I look at roi of 30% and higher and high sales but still haven’t sold yet
  • Profits of $3.50 per unit or higher. ROI of 25% or higher. Personally.
  • Never less than 20% and only that low when the rank is super low and only one other person on the listing. Take your time doing your research though. You will find products giving 50% or more. So worth it…!
  • Pretty much the same as everybody else. ROI’s below 20 percent make me Hulk smash angry, drink heavily, wallow in self loathing, and question my life choices.
  • Around 20%.
  • Never go below 20%, 33% is ideal to have. Anything above 33% is great.
  • As of right now, I’m not picky. If it’s 10% and has good sales velocity, I’ll pick it up

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