Company versus License in FBA Business

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So much confusion about company versus license. Company can be Sole Proprietor, LLC, Incorporated, etc and the type of company you choose depends on your needs for liability protection, taxing purposes, personell structure, etc.

Your type of company formation does NOT give you the right to perform activities for which you will still need a license. For example, you need an alcohol license to sell alcohol, a fishing license to fish, a driving license to drive. Legally, that is.

Your company will usually need a retail license to sell retail and collect taxes for goods sold IN your state. Each state seems to have its own name for this license. For example, its called a RRMC or registered retail merchandise certificate for my state of Indiana. Notice that it doesn’t even have the word “license” or “seller” or “permit” in its name… making it hard to locate.

Best thing, visit your state’s website and If still not able to find it, call them up and ask. It’s what they do…

Hope this helps a bit!


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