Ehat is the difference between online arbitrage and online retai

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Hi guys, can someone please explain what is the difference between online arbitrage and online retail? thanks


  • Arbitrage is usually going to brick and mortor stores, buying their closeouts, then shipping them to Amazon to sell. Problems include you can get your amazon account blocked if you try to sell them as new, and it is very hard to scale profitably. Online retail is buying directly from an authorized wholesaler/distributor and then selling those products.
  • firstly find authorised suppliers, contact them, they give you a list of their products, and then you check all of them against Amazon to see if they’re profitable? Sounds too easy, what’s the catch?
  • The only catch is it takes work and you need a resale certificate depending on your state.
  • Also most suppliers have thousands of products with most of them not very proffitable with all the extra amazon fees.

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