FBA product research methods from beginning to end.

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What is your research method (in general) from beginning to end? How do you begin your research? (no need for specific number filters) just in general.. then what do you do next?

1. Find a Niche with high demand.  Look at the main category BSR over time using free tools like keepa and amazeowl. The better the BSR, that tells you the sales volume is consistently good.

2. Locate a product within that Niche that has few reviews (low competion)

3. Look for a product that could be easily modified to make it different than the others (create a unique competitive advantage)

4. Validate demand through monthly search volume … Picking Products that have at least 100k monthly demand or more on the top 5 keywords combined.

5. Make sure the product can be sold for at least $10 NET profit per unit.

6. ‎Find a product where Demand > Supply, good price point, weight, something you can sell with low number of reviews. Shouldn’t take long before moving onto your next two products 😉 Stay tuned for the best fba course release in a few days!

I searched tons of products than I filtered the lats 3-5 and ask myself – which product I will be able to sell more than 1000 pcs a month. The major Parameters were Demand – not less the 4000 pcs a month and Competition – looked for a niche with “weak competitors” If you have 800 reviews it doesn’t mean you are a dominant seller. Now I have a bit more than 300 reviews and The Product best seller Rank is better than sellers with 500-800 reviews.

I earn 5-6 usd per unit (after advertising costs ) this what I’m looking at., sell 1200-1500 units per month.

There are 6 competitors in the top 10 with under 50 reviews. Three of the 6 are selling over 1000 units a month. This is not competitive at all.

  I gave away about 100 units on jumpsend with not 1 single review … for me jumpsend was a total waste since i didnt get a single review as well as keyword rank due to those 100 sales. Its a temporary stay on page 1 unless you have keyword rank and continous organic sales. If you really want a launch service.. go with ones that provide keyword rank so u will atleast get that if nothing else. In my little experience .. launch sites should be a nice way to get sales velocity and not a means of expecting reviews:)

Use Related or People who bought to find products

– Use broadest search:
*At least $20
*At least 300 sales/month in top 10
*At least under 75 reviews in top 7
*Not brand dominated
– After found product, check it in the Product Tracker (Jungle Scout) to see how many units selling per day to make sure it was 10 units per day.

Click add to cart and put 999    in number of pieces you want to buy and they will tell you how much stock the seller have you can do it for a week or 10 days to see daily sales 😀

I too have this dilemma about which tool to trust in terms of accurate sale. I use a tool called Sellics, you can get a free trial for 14 days.

There is a tab called “Spy” where you can input your desired product’s ASIN and let the software track sale. In 5/6 days you can get data on daily sale.

Try these 4 methods, “AMZ Scout, Jungle Scout, Sellics, 999 trick” and determine for yourself how many products this seller is selling.

keep track of their BSR instead

Also, looking at the jungle scout screen shot, the last few days data is during 25th – 27th December….. there is generally little or no sale for certain types of products in this time frame.

Jet makes the top 100 sellers by category available to sellers everyday in the backend.  Amazon makes lists like that available as well except that positioning on the amazon lists is easily manipulated.  Walmart makes certain lists available, most platforms do in one way or another.  Ive never seen the state list before but it doesnt matter as my clients dont focus on any particular states

You want a product that is easy for you to compete (4 or 5 of top 10 have under 50 reviews) and also has enough demand where you can take about 10% from 1st page sellers and it will be worth your time and effort.

Amazon Hot New Release – look for best sellers and FBA to find new products to share market

Find areas that they don’t understand vs mass walmart

I ended up finding my product with the merchantwords technique – i think that works better in my opinion because you also find out upfront which keyword for your product drives the most traffic for when you’re ready to launch

For product research: https://scope.sellerlabs.com/plugin – click launch extension, then ‘add subscription’ even tho it’s free you need to make an account

I’m not sure if you noticed but a lot of people have found this product. Many of them are waiting for their product to arrive at Amazon warehouse, and others already launched this product. When you search for the main keyword for this product you will see more than 290  pages of the same product. If you want you can change the size of you product, such as 12 x 18 but this will cost more on shipping and Amazon fees.

If the search brings many results, is it bad? rule of thumb is no relevant products after the 3rd page. Also: Look at the number of reviews! If the first 10 listings have mostly up to 100 reviews (or more than 5 have lot of reviews) will be hard to compete! Also: Add also all the sales for the first 10 listings. You will get a number! Decide how much, in percent, you would like to take from them? and see reviews as well

why not try taiwantrade.com

You can not rely solely on Junglescout.  Have you checked keyword volumes using merchant words and Google AdWords, have you checked to see if the product trend is consistent and not seasonal?  Is there room for improvement in the listing?  Does the competitor have negative reviews you can use to better your product? Have you been tracking sales using the 999 method?  I have to say there’s a lot of factors in determining whether it’s a good product or not, but cannot rely solely on JS.

The Best Info I ever got after chasing Money on Amazon  And All these JS Gurus

(1) Find the most pathetic boring products possible – the more boring the better

(2) Not electric powered at all by any means

(3) Why, because boring products typically have terrible listings, very very few competitors.

(4) I found some so weird it scares me, but they sell, anything sells on  Amazon

(5) Launch these products in 5 markets gradully, obviously that includes Europe. Pretty Easy, I got my VAT number in one week for Europe.

(6) So, sell just 5 a day in 5 markets and what is your income (profit) – WOAH over 6 figures a year easily.

(7) AND You are well under the radar of hijackers.

(8) I have had many hijackers, a lot of work to get rid of them.

How do you know if yours will sell well like the top guy bundling vs the guy that isn’t selling well? You find a niche where the volume of sales is consistent all the way down the first page, and preferably the second page too. When sales volume is inconsistent and varies wildly, that’s when you’re gambling.

There are many ways to conduct your product search for Amazon. You can do it manually or use automated tools that are developed specially for Amazon product research. The portal of Amazon is also a big resource which will help you in your product search.

Research Amazon Best Seller

Amazon provides you with significant help in your product search. The Amazon Best Sellers page is the first thing you will want to check out.

Amazon lists all the best selling products in this page. You can even find the products based on categories and sub categories.

Check the listings to determine which products are sold most. It will also help you to decide a niche if you haven’t done it already. From the selling information you can also predict which products are more likely to appeal to your target market.

Also check out the related products which give you an idea of the area you can expand into.

You should try to pick products which are not priced too low or too high. Limited competition in the niche is also helpful and gives you more opportunities to sell your product. You can get in touch with this Amazon SEO Company for the best results… https://amazonrankingexpert.com

I see a lot of people on here having issues with hijackers. You need to understand that you are building a business and a brand presence on here. In order to do so you must take time to create a unique, high quality product that people want to buy. Some of you want to go to Alibaba, slap your logo on a product and expect to sell thousands a day. That is no longer as easy as it used to be. In order to be truly successful on Amazon you not only have to adapt, you have to innovate and protect your brand. <<< This isn’t cheap, but if executed carefully, creatively and correctly you can create passive income on Amazon. If your listing is constantly getting hijacked you aren’t working smart enough to create a distinct and unique product. Bottom line is create and innovate products that add high value and are difficult to duplicate by lazy hijackers.

Even the simplest things have patents, Amazon search LED Balloons, I was Balloon king, page 1, position 1 for 6 months and it was great income, now who in the world would have thought LED Balloons had a patent? They take them down slowly, pick and choose I guess,L:ED Balloon landscape of sellers is changing monthly, JS and Viral Launch say its great – or course Low BSR’s, low review reate just because they all get taken down every few months… just relaunched them, definitely no IP issue up

If 50% of sellers on page 1 have less than 300 reviews and there is one with 1K its still a go

7 out of the first 10 products have less than 75 reviews so that is a fantastic sign of competition not being to strong. There are two products that have 260 and 319, but those are listed by AMZ. The Revenue looks solid all the way to the 14th product! The weight is low, the price meets the criteria that Derrick recommends, there are plenty of sales and competition that you can join in on… I’d say I hope you invested in a bigger wallet my friend because you may need it if you start selling this product lol.

Between 500 – 1000 sales, also has to be a steady market with low review competitors so you can easily take a piece of the pie without a lot of ad cost


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