Message in FBA calculator: Amazon may have sufficient inventory levels of this ASIN.

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FBA revenue calculator is giving me a message that says “amazon may have sufficient inventory levels of this ASIN. You may be alerted if you attempt to add it to a shipment to amazon”. But it also says on the main page for this item “only 12 left in stock, order soon. Whats up with these conflicting statements? This is a decent item, The roi is between 30-42%.

  • I tend to run into this a lot in the first quarter of the year especially in Toys and Video Games. What is happening is that Amazon is comparing the amount that your competitors have in inventory to the projected amount to be sold as expressed by the sales rank.

  • This should only stop you from listing a product, if and only if , you KNOW that your condition and price is NOT BUYBOX ELIGIBLE.. example: This is my listing for Battlefield 1… in video games. I sent in 50.
  • Before I sent this in I got an inventory warning the same as you.
  • On this listing “Grocery Trip Saver” actually has over 1000 units in stock. The sales rank is about 300. It will sell about 1000 per month. I’m still selling out, because at my price, we still rotate the BUYBOX.
  • this pretty much means nothing. just make sure you actually do research on the product

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