How to hire a VA for Amazon FBA Business

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I want to hire a VA to do some of the work on my Social media accounts of my brick & mortar used clothing store. For now, mainly finding and reposting curated content, respond to questions if possible, exchange page image on a regular basis, etc. Later I want them to do more like running ads, optimizing campaigns, etc. Can anyone recommend a place where I can find capable but low-cost VAs? Who is doing this right now and who are you using?

  • I usually do it through
  • Avoid the Super VA trap. This is when you feel it will be more convenient to get one VA or that VA and there close friend or significant other and LOAD all the tasks on them . Oh, and learn FAST how not to be a micro manager. I could go on and on about this but my third major trap I caution you to avoid is to not hire somebody and THEN create your processes. Create your processes first and then decide how trainings and communications will look like for you,..THEN hire. 🙂

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