I wanted to sell my own socks with my logo on them…

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I wanted to sell my own socks with my logo on them do I have to tell amazon or I can just sell them with the rest of the items?


  • I got the same question hope we get answer. I order from china with my logo I don´t know what to do. I will call Amazon to ask them If I get answer I will let you to.
  • That is private label. If you want to sell a brand name product under an existing asin, it must (should be) that exact same product. Same brand, same color, same everything.

    If you want to sell your own logo products, aka Private Label, you need to make a new asin and product page.

  • PL and Wholesale are both good. But pick one and get good at it.
  • Can’t you bundle two items you source from a distributor/manufacture and create a new product listing using a new barcode? Even if the items are in Amazons catalog separately from the distributor you bought from and you have an account from them to buy from?

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