Is FBA Business too competitive in 2018?

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This has been a burning question in my head, do you guys ever feel the FBA Business becomes super competitive and saturated. I sometimes think the 1% are 1% because of the knowledge and secrets they don’t share. I feel a sense of urgency to get in now, but as I’m still building capital and maintain bills it might take a bit. I’m curious to know what you guys think?


  • This business has been here for the past 15 years, and still will for the next 15 years. Everything is supply & demand. It will “feel” less saturated the more time you spend with vendors & more time you are in the business. However, my opinion will be bias.
  • Amazon has over 480 million products listed, I think we’re safe ?
  • I also realize as a customer I go to Amazon for more and more things. I feel like now is a great time to get in because like me there are are still potential customers for our product(s). I believe there is more than enough to go around for everyone. And there are other places to sell online as well. I love that Beau teaches eBay also.
    I am new to this too and that thought has gone through my mind a couple times. I’m so close to beginning, I can’t wait to do this!
  • as I build capital, Im thinking , the best way to get ready is to read up and get the other things started 🙂 i believe that this is the right place to be , and the right time to get in , better sooner than later.
  • I heard this on Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Radio show “How to become a master” – Robert Greene and found 7 Minute brief video
  • I think the whole saturation thing is a myth. Amazon is growing by leaps and bounds. Their expected to grow by 21% next year according to NASDAQ. Amazons enjoys a 6.4% total of the global e-commerce market. They did over !50 billion in sales last year and is expected to top that. Retail will always have enough room for people to come in and succeed. Think about it, how many people actually go through with creating a long term e-commerce business? If had 1000 people start an e-commerce business this month, maybe 20-30 actually go through with it? I dont think saturation will ever become a problem.

  • The 1% are 1% because of their life style not because of their business. Warren buffet still eats McDonald’s everyday.
  • And yes doing this will be competitive and saturation. It’s best to create a private label and build on a niche

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