Listing optimization: parent-child variations

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When you want to optimize variation listings, do you have to change title / bullet points / description / backend keywords on just the parent listing, or in child variations as well?

  • I treat my listing as one. I put all the options/keywords on the parent item. I go into my keywords on each variation and add more if needed that are specific to that item. I’m not sure if this is best, but it’s what I do.
  • Someone commented that if you have a child out of stock when you do a change to the parent, that child will not update?
  • I update on the parent if a child is out of stock. I make sure it’s in both areas and have never had an issue.
  • Suzanne can you point me towards the direction of editing parent listings via flat files? I know i can edit child listings directly in ASC but parents need to be flat files, and when i try to update it seems like amazon doesn’t like me.
  • found this video that is pretty wonderful. it worked like a charm
  • There are two types of variations basically.

    1. DPM
    2. DCM

    1. The DPM type will show the bullet points, title, description and other attributes of the parent listing even if we select the child listings. By this we mean when the child listing is selected we will still see the attributes for the Parent ASIN on the detail page. However, once the child ASIN is added to the cart, you can see the attributes (bullet points, title, description etc.) of the child listings on the offer listing page.

    2. The DCM type will show the bullet points, title, description and other attributes of parent when parent is viewed and when customer selects the child listing the attributes of the child will be displayed on the detail page.

    I would like to inform you that this feature is based on the category. Products placed under the category Apparel, Pet,sports and outdoor etc, will reflect the title and description of the Parent ASIN.

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