Using VA for suppliers communication

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PL sourcing and VAs question: Would you say that the process of requesting quotes and negotiating with potential suppliers (Alibaba) can and should be outsourced to a VA? Or this is something that I myself should be involved with?

  • I look at everything that is not sales or strategic in my business as something to be outsourced.
  • Yes. You can probably chime in during the negotiation process if you are not confident that your VA can negotiate for you. But data gathering should definitely be outsourced as it is time consuming.
  • Would not outsource this part. Just looking at data will give you an idea of price and MOQ, but there are other important factors such as how cooperative , flexible and professional the factory is. That is something you will only learn from speaking with them directly. In the alibaba platform I like to use the “chat now” button. It allows me to converse with dozens of factories at the same time so it really only ends up being 1-2 hours of work. As you wait for one to reply, you start chatting with another.

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