Why would you pay a company to ungate Amazon categories

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Newbie question.
Why we should pay a company to ungate categories? Is majority here using a company or DIY? Thanks.

  • I have just been thinking about this. From the videos it looks quite easy, as long as your using a authorised supplier. Attach final invoice to Amazon.. Why should we pay s company.. I’ve seen funnel guru or something popping up.
  • For the most part you can use your invoice to get ungated as long as it’s an authorized supplier. There are some instances that you may not be able to get ungated even after uploading your invoice. Either something was inputted wrong or Amazon does not recognize that supplier. So for instances like that you may want to use an ungating service. There are also categories like food and gourmet which I hear are very difficult to get ungated in. So that’s another one you may wanna choose ungating service. So you don’t have to use the service but it’s there Incase you get stuck and have no other options.
  • If its brand approval, invoice from supplier is what you want to apply if you are trying to get ungated in some tricky categories like beauty & grocery.


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