Trying to ungate a big brand name company

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Hey guys i reached out to a big brand name company and they gave me a distributor to buy from. His prices are too expensive and i cant make money. The distributor said his prices are the brands prices. I dont under stand how thses sellers make money selling them on amazon.Can any one please help i have been reseaching for the past few weeks and no result, every product and distibutor that I find his prices are crazy. I think the only way is to be a distdibutor yourself to make money.


  • actual good suppliers want to found where good business is found. You are not going to find good prices by searching on google, everyone could go do that.If products already being sold on amazon, people are making money.
  • There are many MANY suppliers out there. You won’t be able to make money off of all of them. When you are contacting these suppliers, you need to be asking if the majority of their sells go to brick and mortar, or if they work with Amazon sellers as well. Chances are that if they sell only to brick and mortar, their prices won’t be profitable for you when you factor in Amazon fees.

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