Why people use 3rd party prep centres. Isn’t…

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Why people use 3rd party prep centres?Isn’t it cheaper paying Amazon to prep, rather than having to ship the goods twice (to the prep centre then onto Amazon)?

  • Your correct, but Amazon wont do certain things. I just bought a single item, but it sells on amazon in a 3 pack. Amazon won’t polybag them for you. You can ship to yourself and prep, see if your supplier will do it, or use a 3rd party prep center. Gotta figure out your most cost effective route to take.
  • Does Amazon list anywhere what prep they do and don’t do?
  • yes if you go to seller central then go to click the “performance” tab at the top and go to seller university. All kinds of help videos there.
  • or you can go the “help” tab at the far left and type in a specific issue your having.

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