Dealing with fake negative reviews

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Getting attacked by negative reviews – what to do?

I got a few negative reviews recently and they all claimed the same issues which were rarely reported by others (maybe once in a year due to defective units).

I was puzzled initially but decided to investigate today. I looked into the reviewers’ profile and found they were all old accounts (6-9 years old) with only one review posted initially (6-9 years ago) and had no more activities until recently. All of a sudden they posted anywhere between 40-100 reviews within a couple hours, and then have had no more activities.

I’ve reported this to Amazon (through SC) but what can I do to make them really take action against such organized efforts to game the system? And should I comment on these reviews to make others aware of this?

  • In your situation I would have done the same reporting the case. Has SC had a chance to reply? If so, what was the reply? Sounds like a competitor or some sleeper accounts being hired to sabotage.
  • This happened to a friend about 2 weeks ago. He reported it and while he didn’t hear back from Amazon, suddenly the negative reviews started disappearing. Hope the same happens to you.
  • I’ve asked on Amazon’s forum and was advised to contact seller performance.

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